Pacemaker cluster maintenance mode

This is intended as a quick reminder for all the sysadmins out there (me included) that keep forgetting the syntax while working on different environments.

For older clusters you would use:

crm configure property maintenance-mode=true

While for newer cluster you might want to use:

pcs property set maintenance-mode=true

Set the property to “false” to exit maintenance mode.

For reference, check the official Red Hat documentation.


3 thoughts on “Pacemaker cluster maintenance mode

  1. Hi, how do you tell pacemaker you want to stop apache on one node an pass the workload to the other node?

    • Hi, it really depends on how the cluster is configured, you probably have the Apache service resource grouped up with a virtual IP and possibly other things (DRBD resources, etc). In that case you want to run a resource migrate $group_name $node_name, where $group_name is the name of the group and $node_name is the hostname of the node you want the resource to run on. Please note that this will create a constraint to force the migration, to remove the constraint (and allow the resource to move back to the first node eventually), you’ll need to run a resource unmigrate $group_name.

      If apache is the only resource running on that node, you can put the node in standby to force it to migrate (crm node standby $node_name).

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