Stuff I’ll look into: Docker

Docker is a very cool tool to manage Linux Containers.


Automatically load modules during boot in CentOS 6

On one of the servers I manage we needed to load ipmi modules for hardware checks.

To load the required modules during the boot, we need to create a new file in /etc/sysconfig/modules/, I called it ipmi.modules. The file is a common shell script and it contains only a few lines:


if [ ! -c /dev/ipmi0 ]; then
        modprobe ipmi_devintf

modprobe ipmi_si

exit 0

Make sure the file is executable:

chmod +x /etc/sysconfig/modules/ipmi.modules

As usual, for more info check the official documentation from Red Hat.

Install CyanogenMod on Asus Transformer (tf101)

I installed CyanogenMod on my tablet to get better performances from it.

Official page is on the CM wiki. I’m using CM 9 (the 10.2 nightly build has problems), so download it from the official website and make sure to get the Google apps package too.

Follow the instructions on the wiki. The only thing I changed was to use TWRP instead of ClockWorkMod as a recovery image, because CWM couldn’t mount my sdcard or internal storage (details).