Can’t bear with Gnome 3

I finally installed Fedora 15, as anticipated.

And with Fedora 15 comes Gnome 3. I tried using it. But my patience was quite short: they changed a lot of interaction in subtle ways, so the gap with the previous version is not only based on the new graphical aspect, but also on different behavior.

Gnome 3 managed to get me on KDE 4. Problem is: while Gnome 3 is blazing fast, KDE 4 is slow. In the past I tried it on my netbook and I tought it was slow due to hardware shortcomings, but now I’m using it on my 3-core Phenom 2.3GHz with 8Gb RAM and Radeon HD4890 video card (open source drivers).

It’s… slow. Painfully slow. Switching desktop it’s so slow I checked if it was doing that in software, but desktop effects are active.

But despite Gnome 3 technical superiority, all the glitches at the moment are more important to me than the speed. Maybe I’ll try something more exotic, like Openbox + AWN (like AriOS), but for the moment I’ll stick with KDE.

I’ll give Gnome another chance in a few months…


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